How long can I procrastinate until?

The deadline is March 3rd.

When does the internship take place?

The internship will occur from June 3rd to August 23rd. Mondays through Fridays. 9am-6pm. If you try to come in on the weekend to work, we won’t let you in. We want you to have a life.

When will I hear back about whether or not I was selected?

You’ll hear back around the middle of March. If you don’t hear back from us by then, don’t come looking for us. Just keep moving. And don’t take your blindfold off. No matter what.

Will I get paid?

Yes, $15 per hour. Which is more than our CCO makes per minute, by the way.

Do you provide housing?

No, we don’t. But we’ll give you tips on the coolest places to live in LA.

What does Zambezi mean?

It’s a shark that can live in both fresh and saltwater. In other words, it’s adaptable. Like us.

Will I get a job after the internship?

We can’t predict the future, but we’ve definitely hired interns before. Last year’s creative intern is now the best valet we’ve ever had.

Will I do real work?

In all seriousness, you won’t be valeting cars or getting coffee (unless it’s your own car or you want coffee). You will do real work. You will have mentors in your department who will be there to teach you the ropes. You will have face time with the head of your department. We’re a family here. You can ask anyone for help or advice on anything. The CEO will even be your BFF. Except for Tobi. Don’t talk to him. He’ll say things to you. But just ignore him. Let him sweat for your validation.

Are the bios on this site real?

Is time real? Are we real? Is anything real?

The 2019 internship application is now closed, but its spirit lives on in the form of HTML content that will be available to enjoy for the remaining length of our GoDaddy contract.

Also - we're always accepting applications for non-intern positions! And as you can tell by the bios below, we are constantly making room for new faces here at Zambezi.





At Zambezi, we’re different.

Yeah, we know. Everyone says that. But we don’t mean it the
way they do. When everyone else says different, they really
mean “hip and creative.”

Sure, we’re all that, too. But when we say it, we also mean
our employees are, well, different. As in they do interesting
things sometimes.

For example, take our Supervising Producer, Katrina.
Smart woman. Great at her job. Model employee.
She also chases balloons. Not kidding.
She chased one across the street just yesterday.
Nearly got clipped by an 18 wheeler.

Like we said...interesting. Also, maybe a little dangerous.

Anywho, there might be an opening coming soon! So apply!
You never know what’ll happen.

Except, for the making ads and getting paid part.
That will definitely happen.

Deadline to apply is March 3rd. Check the FAQ for more details.

Scroll down to check out some of the people you might be working with!

We’re dying to meet you!


The bridge between the
agency and the brand.

Carly Ayres

Account Supervisor

Carly started as an intern and has since become one of the most vital members of the Zambezi family. In her spare time, Carly moonlights as an amateur private investigator, recently claiming she was “this close” to cracking a case involving the Russian mob. We also think she’s got a new boyfriend, because this Eastern European looking guy in a tracksuit keeps showing up to the office asking if she’s around.

Marcus Black-Clark

Account Supervisor

Integral to the Account department, Marcus artfully manages client relationships while assuring creative collaboration is smooth and productive. He also recently adopted a raccoon off the street, which he named “Mr. Bitey.” Well, Google says rabies takes 2-8 weeks to do its thing. So, apply away!

Gordon Gray

Group Account Director

Gordon’s ability to charm a room makes him one of our most prized Group Account Directors. He also wants to become a tightrope walker because he started watching a documentary on the famous tightrope walker, Karl Wallenda. We don’t think he knows how it ends.


The people who come up
with ideas and make stuff.

Eugene Chang

Art Director

As an art director, Eugene uses imagery to communicate and inspire. His attention to detail and aesthetic make him a compelling visual storyteller with a vision that elevates everything he touches. He’s also building a gas-powered rocket in his garage. With the door shut.

Alex Sann

Creative Director

Alex is a creative director born with the power to write award-winning copy. She also believes in “non-electric lighting.” She exclusively uses candles and oil lamps, which are arranged beautifully on wooden tables and wooden shelves, in her lovely wooden apartment.

Tobias Hirano

Jr. Copywriter

While his partner handles art direction, Tobias writes his way to the hearts and minds of consumers with smart headlines and scripts that could win Oscars. He’s also recently decided to free solo Half Dome. Apparently, he saw a movie about someone who did it. Of course, that guy was a professional rock climber. Unlike Tobias. Who types words for a living.


The people who guide the
creative with cultural insights.

Ryan Richards

Group Strategy Director

As a part of our Strategy team, Ryan investigates patterns in culture and human behavior, transforming them into creative opportunities that solve all kinds of challenges for our clients. He also drinks expired milk every day and doesn’t believe in germs because “he can’t see them.”

Maddie Schafer

Brand Strategist

Madeleine is always part of the conversation. She keeps her fingers on the cultural pulse so creatives don’t look dumb. If there’s a new trend rippling across the country, she’s known about it for months and is sure to be riding the wave. Most recently, that trend is breatharianism—the belief that you can live solely on oxygen. We’re hoping it’s just a fad for her, but we’re not holding our breath.

Adrian Gonzalez


Adrian is a natural at turning a simple client ask into an exciting creative challenge, all built on a dynamic, strategic foundation. He also brought cake batter to a company bake-off, because he thought that it was normal to just eat the batter. Which, apparently, he has done for the past 27 years. That’s approximately 3,000 raw eggs.


The people who decide how
creative should be seen and heard.

Katherine Blunt

Sr. Media Planner

A member of our Media and Analytics team, Katherine is a master at bringing brand campaigns to the right audience, at the right time, using the right medium. She’s also a master at what she calls “Bath TV,” a relaxing activity in which she places her computer on the edge of her bathtub so she can watch TV while bathing. While it’s plugged in.

Tenny Park

Executive Director of Communications Strategy

Tenny leads Zambezi’s communications strategy with over a decade of experience at some of the most reputable agencies in the country. He also likes playing Extreme Frogger. Which is Frogger. But in real life.

Grace Teng

Executive Director, Media and Analytics

As head of our Media and Analytics team, Grace turns creative projects into laser-focused campaigns, hitting target audiences with data-driven precision. Which is weird, because she believes literally every ad she sees. She’s been searching for snake oil on Amazon ever since she took a history of advertising class.


The people who make
ideas into real things.

Nat Bricker

Sr. Producer

Nat is our go-to problem solver. If you need something done, Nat is your guy. His favorite things in life are eating greasy food and doing skyscraper parkour, which he insists must be done at the same time.

Katrina Nahikian

Supervising Producer

Producer Katrina can take a creative idea and make it a production reality. She can rally people, resource assets, and drive a project from concept to completion with a keen sense of time management and budgeting. She also chases balloons. Not kidding. She chased one across the street just yesterday. Nearly got clipped by an 18 wheeler. It’s only a matter of time.

Ling Ly

Head of Post Production

Ling heads the Post Production team as a true Zambezi veteran. About five months ago, a mysterious bump appeared on her stomach. She finally went to the doctor when it started to move. Then the other day she disappeared. We don’t know where she is, but we’re just going to keep paying her and hope that she turns up.

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